SPASS approved but company not sending IPA

Dear Sir, SPASS was approved and checked it in Mom website. I got my FIN no. too. Company didn't send me the IPA up to now. They asking me to work in their India company for few days. Please let me know the IPA Validity. In future, if they cancel my IPA, would be there any problem for me to another job at SG. In this mean while, Can I move to SG on Visit Visa. Before two months back, I had gone to SG on visit visa. Please kindly clarify my doubts in this regard. Thanking you very much SIR..... Indavance

IPA validity must have written on the pass approval letter (typically for period of 1 month). If the employer wants to extend the period, then 1 week before the expiry date, they should apply for extension and MoM will approve for another 1 month. During this period, if you don’t join then pass approval will be expired and in future, employer has to apply again.
If employer wants to cancel the pass, then there won’t be an impact for a new employer to apply pass for you again (each case is different and MoM takes each case on its merit).

On your last query, yes you can visit on tourist visa, shouldn’t be an issue related to your IPA letter. Good luck

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