Importing a Parrot

Hi all,

We are looking at being in Fiji February 2018 as we are waiting on our work permits to come through.

I have a hand reared pink and grey galah who has been with me from a babe and there is a strong bond. Im having difficulty finding a way to bring her with us as Im unable to find any information.

Do you know of anyone that has brought their feathered family member with them to Fiji?

And how does one go about it?

Any help would be most appreciated.


Hi and welcome to the forum.  :)

Whilst waiting for others to reply check out this site,  for information.

You could also contact the Fiji Embassy in Australia.

Thanks Stumpy,

I have been communicating via email with biosecurity in Fiji and got an email back saying "there is currenty no pathway for importing a parrot".

I believe there is a first time for everything and can be done providing a vet certificate etc stating she is healthy.

Have had a look at the link and makes me hopeful.
Didnt think to contact the Embassy of Fiji here in Australia and will endeavor to so asap.

Will let you how I get on.

Thanks again

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