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Hi all:

Am moving to Brasil and wife and baby will continue living in Brasil while I travel to the USA for work.

Couple questions:

1. Do I have to pay income tax in Brasil while I am not a resident but will be paying the bills in Brasil? I will continue to declare residence in USA and pay income tax here.

Wife will be resident can file end of the year saying she is "autonoma" and doesnt have income.

Will be renting in Brasil...buying household items etc etc in my name since wife doesnt have income to rent a place.

Dont want to pay taxes twice.

Any help advice etc would be helpful. Will be making 70k average a year USD.

If you exceed your stay in Brazil say at least 184 days for tax purposes, then you´re subject to taxes in Brazil like a resident.

However, if you´re non-resident and your income come from a foreign country like the US, that income is not taxable...

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thank you very helpful

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