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My husband is being relocated to Sao Paulo in April next year. His office is in Alphaville and we will live in Alphaville.

My obvious concerns are safety. How safe is Alphaville to live in? We have a 2 year old son. Will I be able to drive / walk to the shops safely. Will we be able to walk to the park etc and play outside without fear of safety concerns?

My husband also travels alot with his job and I'm worried about safety in the house alone while he is away. At the moment we live in Dubai which is incredibly safe.

Are there any playgroup type of things in Alphaville?

Lastly, my son will need to be enrolled to nursery and we will look for an English speaking nursery. Does anyone have any idea of rough fees as we'll need to negotiate this into my husband's package.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hello! I'm from São Paulo and I can provide a few informations about it. First thing you may know: Brazil is not the safest place in South America, but you can live well in many places. I like São Paulo a lot, there are some problems with crimes like any other place in the world, but is safer than a lot of places in Brazil, the advise is: you'll always have to take care in this country. Now I'll tell you about Alphaville: it's a very nice place to live, so it's expensive! It's far from the downtown São Paulo, it's like another region out from the big São Paulo city, so you'll be far from many things. Alphaville is a business place, so is good to work, but to raise a family is not so good if you are looking for a place to take your children to walk around, because everything there is work and far from the city, so maybe your children won't have much fun, in that case I recommend the big city where everything happens. But Alphaville is a nice, rich and safer place and you may consider it too.

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated. My son is only 2.5 and we are only there for 18 months so we are not too concerned about my son being bored as we'll get him into nursery. We do quite like a quiet life, we love to eat out but aren't too worried about concerts etc, we tend to like just going away for the weekend. My main concern was the safety. Having now seen alphaville I do think I might get a bit bored but it seems to have a much safer feeling about it. Our contracts are now signed, we move on 14 May. Which part of Sao Paulo do you live in?

So Welcome!!! I'm from the big city, São Paulo - São Paulo, east zone. I'd like to live in Alphaville too, but I don't have so much money hahaha, and I like here a lot, I really love this city, I think you'll like Alphaville too, so feel welcome and good luck!  ;)

I just came over this thread in the forum, as I also had the same concerns. I will also be moving to Brazil. Thank you for the information.

You are very right, in Brazil today the criminal situation is getting worse, but in this zone of Alphaville the Police in taking much attention to it due to cases that had happened before and now there the situation is very well and safe and one can walk in a park without fear to stay home at ease. the only thing if you have possibilities to have an alarm system connected to the police at home to be very calm and safe. In case something happens even in the street or at home, call the police, who are now many in the city. But I advise not to allow your child alone on the street to walk only accompanied by an adult person.

Alphavile, specially the lower numbers, close to the Highway is an enclave of gated neighborhoods.   

The question is not how safe they are, is how can you escape boredom at them .

Gated communities is what Alphaville is all about.

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