Sensory Deprivation Tank

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if there's any place to try one of these in Saigon?

never heard but sounds cool

Sensory deprivation....

Yogi is aware of these devices....BUT  here in Vietnam you can improvise.   
All you’ve got to do is marry a local, support her extended family, bankroll their business plans and then begin a regime of heavy drinking.

Don’t worry......give it enough time & you’ll be deprived of everything.

They're also called flotation or isolation tanks or pods. They have one up in Hanoi, just wondering if they'd made it down here yet 🙂

I looked at starting a business doing just that, but the cost of the tanks was just too damn much.

Can I ask how much was the pod to use per hour.

I don't know, I'm afraid. I've just seen them advertised online, I haven't actually been there!

Its ok, I just looked it up. 500k for one hour.

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