Good day to all
I just would like to know if there is some RAW VEGAN place in Mauritius island? If there is not do you thing that a small RAW CAFE should be welcome?
Thanks for your inputs

Hi Sandrine

There is vegan and it’s definitely getting more and more popular. Raw vegan would be amazing.
Where would you be based because that’s the biggest thing. You need to be situated where there are customers.

Regards Cara

Make a suggestion to the lovely team at eatwithdingers vegan cafe in Grand Baie. Some of their food is raw anyway.

Hi Cara
Thanks for taking the time to answer me!
If I have to be at the touristique place I would say Grand Baie, would you see a better place for a Raw Food Café?
Thanks to let me know
Merry Christmas!

Thank you very much I will check the place you refer!
Merry Christmas to you

Hi Cara
Thanks for your reply...I am a bit late to answer but coming to Mauritius very soon so time to catch up!!!
Would you consider that tourist area could be Grand Bai?
Thanks to advise

Hi Sandrine
Yes Grand Baie is the tourist area... come and have a look and see what works best for you.
Definitely go to eatwithfingers and see what they are doing.
Love Cara

Hi Cara!
Thanks will be around in 2 weeks time!
See you !

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