DMCC company setup


in case anyone has practical experience with DMCC company formations just making sure i understand this all correct:

In the DMCC i can form a 100% foreign (owned by me) company, without taking up residence, only a flexi-desk. The costs should be:

Initial application AED 1,015 one-time charge

Registration AED 9,020 one-time charge

License AED 20,285 annual fee for 6 activities in the same major category

Establishment card AED 1,800 annual fee

Memorandum of Association (MoA) AED 2,020 one-time

Residence visa from AED 3,330 (Payable every 3 years) + AED 3,000 (refundable deposit) - although i dont need to take up residence correct?

The minimum share capital for a DMCC Free Zone company is AED 50,000 per company

Approx 17,000 AED for the Flexi Desk

Yearly Auditor costs ???

So initially i would be looking at approx. 100.000 AED +- including flexi desk, license etc pp for the first year including 50k of capital  and then approx 38.000 AED a year including the license, flexi desk, residence visa (really needed?) + audit costs and the little costs that they have for little crappy thing like a address change or whatever.

Am i missing something substantially?


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