do you like street animal , do you want see an animal on the street,

hello , dear friends.I am living Turkey  ı worked  pet food sector.  and when ı was feeding my dogs they were living in the street. I realized that branded pet foods affected my animals badly  and ı gave them natural food . they realy loved this rather than other brands . I mean that animal should grove up natural enviorment , we got them pet shops and captured their life  so they are not social but in my country (turkey) many people like street animal.

I need your opinion.


My opinion (owned and raised many dogs over the years); the domestic dog does not have a natural environment other than the home unit (be it inside the house or outside in a kennel).  They like to run around and smell things, they like to interact with other things, but natural foods - no.

@cynic , thanks for opinion

Two questions, if you'll indulge me....

1. What does this have to do with expatriation?
2. If you're living in Turkey, why are you posting this in the UK (London) forum?

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