Airport and Economics

What is your opinion on choosing an airport to fly into from from the states? POP is closest, but most $$. Hubby hates the bus. I don't mind so much except we lose at least a day. Do you guys just close your eyes, suck it up and pay? Any finagling that works? In one, out the other? Book one way from states, then back from DR?

If you are flying to the north coast then you may do better flying to Santiago and taking a taxi to the PP/Cabarete/Sosua area.  The cost of the taxi is about $100 and usually the cost of the flight may be greater than that to fly to Santiago rather than PP.  For the two of us we usually save over $200 including the cost of the cab.

As to booking tickets unless you have your residency many airlines will not let you book only a one way fare but need a return ticket as well.  So make sure you check that out when you do book your flight.

Bob K

Thanks Bob. That is generally what we have been doing. We either have a relative or cab take us into Sosua from Santiago. I think we only flew into PP one time. The $$ difference is well over $200 pp from Indy.

I search everyday for flights, hoping to find a miracle. Eventually, I just get over the sticker shock and do the deal. 😎 Once our feet hit the ground, being on the coast makes the cost worth it.

You ae sooooooo right

Bob K

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