Selling apartment in pereybere mauritius

My husband wants to sell his apartment in pereybere but does not want to go to Mauritius to sign the papers.what does he need to do to give power of attorney to one his brother who resides in Mauritius? Can it be done through a notary in Mauritius or does he need to have it done in uk? Thanks


If your husband resides in the UK, then it's not important for him to come to Mauritius to give the power of attorney to his brother for the signatures. He can do it in the UK itself. The seller should simply get in touch with both a Notary in Mauritius and a Notary in the UK. The Public Officer from Mauritius will prepare a draft of the proxy. This document will be sent by the Notary to his colleague in the UK (Notary). Normally, the document which will be signed in the UK needs to be "apostilled" by the Hague. The procedures will be explained to you in details by the Notary in the UK. Then, the "apostilled" and signed proxy will be sent from the UK to the Notary in Mauritius as it's now a valid document. Your brother-in law will then be able to use this document for the sale.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

Wahid Domun

Thanks I am just wondering whether his brother can get a notary in Mauritius to create one then post it in the uk. I could then get his signature witnessed by a uk solicitor and get it apostilled. The other option is as I am planning to come to Mauritius next year. I can create a power of attorney for him to give me power to sell and then pay a solicitor to witness both signatures. I will then send it to be apostilled. I am not sure whether this will be acceptable in Mauritius or does power of attorney need to be lodged with a notary to be valid in Mauritius. I am aware that a uk power of attorney need to be apostilled for it to be valid in Mauritius.

In my experience, the first option will work. But I'm not a legal practitioner.

I will recommend that you obtain 'paid' legal advice.

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