Can I Order Computer dongles in Costa Rica

Sounds a little weird doesn't it?  :) I have a bit of an issue.  Just purchased a Wavlink Dual Bay Docking Station from the States.  My daughter just arrived with it.  I messed up.  It requires a USB C port.  My computer doesn't have USB C.  I know that I can use a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 dongle/adapter to use it with my Macbook Pro laptop.  I live in Montezuma so taking a trip to San Jose to get one is, well, not cost effective.  Is there someplace I can order this cable within Costa Rica and have it shipped to my Cobano Correos box?  Thanks.

Try wish. com or
Not sure they'll deliver to your box but think they will.
Only one problem. Sometimes it takes months to get the stuff, LOL.
But other times it only takes 8 to 11 days. it's a crap shoot. But they should be cheap from China which is where both of these companies ship from.
So it might be worth a try if you have no other good option.

Thank you for your response.  I gave this one some serious thought.  Finally, decided to call Centro Maya.  Luckily, I spoke with a gentleman I have had personal customer service from.  He said that he could order one for me and I "should" have it this week.  We shall see.  Pura Vida!

Good! (For those who may wonder, as I did, Centromaya is a gift shop in Cobano near Montezuma.)

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