S Pass Application Rejected - Appeal Submitted

Hi Expats,

I need your advise please. My S Pass Application was filed last November 23 and received an advised last December 11 that it was rejected.

My employer called right away to deliver the bad news but I was advised that they already submitted an appeal.

I asked for the reason why it was rejected and according to them it’s more on the job role offered to me since according to MOM it’s not technical for them to hire a foreigner.

I’m a worried because my employer told me that it doesn’t look too promising but they already appealed to MOM stating that my job experience and the project to be assigned to me requires my technical skills.

Please let me know that chance of getting an approved appeal.  Thank you

Kindly note that straight way appeal on rejection is a wrong process. Employer and employee should discuss and take an assessment on rejection then appeal with correction or provide additional information, without doing above it’s fruitless as MoM is going to reject again. Good luck

Thanks for your response Surya2k. I’m a bit worried now and the status of my appeal.

But I’m keeping my hopes high knowing that Robert Walters will do their best to get a pass for me.

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