Moving to Doha in January


I’m moving to Doha on the 15th January 2018 and I’m incredibly nervous as I don’t know anyone so I’m looking to meet new friends to show me around etc.

I’m hoping that I will meet people soon after arriving as I’m worried if will feel very lonely not knowing anyone 😔

Welcome to Doha  :)

Hi, you can have a look to meetup website, there you will find a plenty of program and open freinds... you are welcome.

Hi, I wouldn’t worry too much. Doha is pretty socialable and there’s a lot going on, especially on the weekends. Start with some of your work colleagues and meet some new friends thru them. Then as the previous poster mentioned there’s websites that link people up. Meetup, InterNations etc. Once you’ve been here for a couple of months you’ll wonder what you were worried about.

Ritchie, I will also be moving to Qatar most likely Doha on the 29th Jan. This is a 4 week trial for me to see if I like Doha and can do the job my company have sent me out there to do. I will be looking to make the most of my 4 weeks so I'm keen to meet up with expat groups and try to get involved as much as possible so I can get a better understanding of what life is like there. As you will be there before me it would be great to speak about you experiences before I fly out!



welcome to doha................

Hey guys I am also waiting to fly to Doha hopefully 26th Jan...dont know anyone either have been chatting to a few girls through recruitment agency. Looking forward to meeting new people

Lorraine x

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