"double-booking" charged twice for flights

so my bank says ive been charged.

airline says there was a problem

Ive had this before, Airasia told me to talk to their non-english speaking thai staff and decided charging me twice for the same flight was right n proper.

just wait 24 hrs till the flight price doubles right?

Book it back?

Thanks for the warning. I'll remember never to fly  Airasia!

I flew with them.  I don't think it's the airline but who you book it with.

I fly AirAsia about 16 times a year on average , and no problems at all. 

Just a tip with ANY online booking with airfares, hotels, hire cars etc...always recheck the price ( including add ons )  and take a SCREEN shot of the payment page BEFORE you hit the CONFIRM button.     

If it goes through twice at least you’ve got proof of what should have been charged.

The Jetstar site in Australia is a maze of fees for extra services ALREADY charged , that you may not want or need.   Unless you go thru and delete what you don’t want , you’ll wear the cost.

Sometimes when a double charge has happened, the bank account will re adjust within 48 hours.

Good luck.

Never had issues with AirAsia. I visit SEA every two years and they are my main air hopper. Always booking online. However I tried changing a ticket in their office once in Chiang Mai and that's when they hammered me. Almost double the price disguised as fees. Don't much care for nickel and diming me  but if I have a short flight I'll use them.

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