Back to Cairo - activities?

Hello there, for someone who was working and living out of Egypt for few years then back recently, what would be going on now? Like what are the trends, activities, group hangouts and events, etc...

Dear, welcome back to your hometown, can you specify what do you mean and for how long would you like to stay here?
Have a good day.

I am not sure what is not clear in my post? I am asking about current trends, activities and events that are happening lately in Cairo and not Sinai

The duration of my stay is undefined and it is not important or relevant to my question either

well, Cairo Opera House if you prefer music concerts, or Cairo Jazz Club if you prefer drinks and dancing in such a great atmosphere with nice people around, Liv Lounge for night life, Maadi is full of Entertainment areas and Restaurants, Islamic area around Al-Hussein is now one of the most tourists spots, if you were away for long time, you'll enjoy the difference there.
I hope it cou;d help :)
have a good day.

Check and They always announce interesting outings and events and ideas for activities.

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