Confused with the right offer

Hi All,

I am an IT professional, currently based out of Bangalore (INDIA) and I am here to get some help to clear my confusion.

I have received two offers in Ireland, 1)  In Letterkenny with 45K PA and 2)  Dublin with 60 K PA. Benefits provided by both offers are more or less, but the fact is Letterkenny is much cheaper when compared to Dublin and hence the confusion.

Both are ready to sponsor Critical Skill Work Permit

Things I am trying to consider
1) My family will be travelling, hence getting a job for my wife would be more likely in Dublin
2) Its a bigger city with more opportunities , this will help me to change after a year.
3) I heard Dublin has better schools than rest of the country
4) I am travelling to Ireland in order to save but considering the fact that lodging is highly expensive in Dublin than Letterkenny

I ll really appreciate if you guys can help me out to take up the right decision .

Hi there and welcome!

Yes Dublin is great and also has lots of opportunities concerning work. The big issue, as you see realistically is the housing. Even today I heard in the news again that the minimum rent is around 1300 Euro and the most worrying is... there ARE no houses, no accommodation and more and more people fall homeless.
Its a trick thing really either you live in a smaller town less opportunities but a bit more affordable housing or great job offers but difficulties with rents.
And then you maybe find something and 20 people are queuing up from the night before.
But I dont want to paint a super dark picture but also confront you with  the harsh reality. I am German living here around 15 years and consider leaving the country as with my highly skilled CV I wont find something in the lovely small town I live in but wont find a house in the big cities with my daughter.
But anyway good luck you might be one of the lucky ones and if its meant to be it will happen :-)

in your point number 4 you said you're travelling to Dublin in order to save???? Good luck with that on a 60K offer with your wife on the way on a spouse visa..

Saving is good but don't make that as a priority, if you do, you might never be able to live life..


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