How to set up your own company in Bahrain

Thanks again for your kind suggestions. I ll keep trying to connect with the incubator office providers.

Thanks a ton.

So I have finally received my active CR, paid the capital in the bank.

I was advised that I need to go to LMRA in order to register my company and apply for my visa. Is that the correct step?

Additionally was trying to use the LMRA online system to register my company but it gave me error asking me to enter a CPR #. I do have CPR# which is the CPR paper can I use that number to register my company online?

Yes you need to register your company with LMRA.  Physically go there and do it.  The online portal registration is a hit and miss.

Thanks for the update.

I did go today and registered my company with LMRA and then went to their main office and applied for my investor visa.

I didn’t share my paper cpr number as that expired in Feb 2019. Hope that’s ok.

What’s the next step here?

Paper CPR is unnecessary now.

Once you get your visa, you need to get it stamped in your passport and get a proper CPR.  No other next step.

Thanks for the info.

Any idea how long does it take to get the approval from Immigration for the investor visa?

Varies. Anywhere from a week to a month.

As the visa is in process can I depart Bahrain?


What happens if I depart? Does the application gets cancelled or is it put on hold?



So once cancelled I need to re-apply with LMRA?


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