Self sponsorship - How to set up your own company in Bahrain

Another question please, If I was an owner for a company in Bahrain,

what will be the easiest way to enter KSA through? Is to have a residency better or other ways?

and what about the cost?

You need an NOC from your employer stating that they have no objection to you setting up or being a partner in a company. Without it, MOIC will not approve your application. As long as you are on the visa of any other company or entity in Bahrain, you need this document.

In addition, government entities have different rules which you need to check with your HR.

For KSA, read the thread. As a Bahrain resident, you still need a visa and we have had discussions on the topic and costs in the beginning of the thread.

Many thanks I read it again and found the required info

"Depends on the time of the visa.  A 2 year, if I am not mistaken, is 800 to a 1000 BD.  A 6 month is cheaper but around 300-400 BD I think.  They raised the fees two years ago.  Not sure of the exact fees now but check VFS site or call them."

Sorry my brother and thanks again

In case of unexpected termination of the employment contract, do banks in Bahrain drop off the remaining period of the personal loans if the remaining is 12 months or less?

Unrelated question to the thread. But no, why would they?  You can approach them to renegotiate a payment plan but thats pretty much it.  They don't drop anything - if you stop paying, they will start recovery proceedings and you could have a travel ban on you which will stop you from leaving Bahrain.

U r amazing 😊

I heard that I need medical insurance if I want to set up an SPC and I'm over 60.  Is this true?  I cab't find anything about this on the Government Website.

It's not for setting up company.  That would be the payment of 144 BD at the time of the visas.

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