Dataflow status

What is the meaning if you verification is completed but they cannot share further details due to restriction? I wNt my PSV result. Whom i will ask about this?

Same situation mam whats the update in your case?

Mam we have same case ..hows ur case now mam?

One of the verified docs is fake. I am so afraid until now even our HR they cannot retrieve the report. I asked them what will happen they told me they also dont know

You already go to dataflow center mam?

Same situation ..hows ur case now cn u give me some advice pls

What does it mean when all the categories are tagged as "completed"?

Did you try to obtain your documents thru website of dataflow? AFAIK they're sending also a soft copy on the email.

Do you have any idea how long it takes for them to send the final report? Thanks!

On me it takes a month.

My dataflow is finally done. It took 38 days. I am preparing now for prometric exam. 😊

@IamToni, congrats! Praying for your exam. See you in KSA soon.

Thanks maranthony!

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