My Iquama Is Expired and Khafeel not renewing

Good Evening,
My Name is Gokul,From india,My Wife was working here in saudi arabia,
through her company we tried visa for me,, but for her category it is not eligible,
since we plan purchase employment vis by giving money,
we got one person and we paid them 13000 riyals for visa and got AAMIL visa,
and after coming here 4500 riyals for iquama and insurance..
the deal was, still 3 months from the date i entry to saudi arabia i need not to pay anything,
with in this period i need to get job and transfer my sponsporship or else from the 4 month
i need to pay him 400 riyals permonth, i was ok with deal and now 1 year completed,
this month my iquama was expired,But before 1 month itself i paid him 4500 riyals for iquama renewal and insurance charges,But still my khafeel not renewed my iquama, and now demanding that i need to pay him 4800 riyals(400riyals *12months) which is upcoming month khafeel charge,He is saying like he will not renew my iquama until i pay that 4800 riyals.. i am asking for transfership to my new company and my iquama renewal money, but he is saying that he cant give back money.. may be he look in to transfer , what to do in this is situation? every one saying dont fight against saudi its waste better pay and close the problem,,, what u suggest.. the khafeel was in green status..
is any good option or suggestion for me

Hi Brother, yes don't fight with Saudi in court. Your chance is very close to win for nothing and it will dry out your time,energy ,money and mentally exhausting. The rule rule says if your iqama is not renew over three months by your current employer. You are having a full right to get another sponsorship automatically even without your current employer permission. The catch here is you need to get a new kafeel or sponsor to take you under their sponsor ship and the procedure ussually your new sponsor will go to zawazat to proceed and take you under their sponsorship. Note: dont let your current employer now if you are move with another sponsor. Let your new employer do the procedure. And don't make any stupid deals. Ussualy so many saudian employer will give sponsorship for your case if your employer fail to renew your iqama over three months get another employer.

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