Is immigrating to Canada as an International Student worth it?

Hello I am planning to apply for colleges in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Can someone advise me if these are better areas and colleges to study that would make it easier to apply for the Permanent Residence...My background is Business Adminsitration and Project Management and ESL teaching. I am planning to go and do a two years programme in Investment Management. I presently live in Panama City Panama.
I ve listened to lots of videos and advice and its not clear as to whether this is a good step....
Please advise.

Same Question that I have. However, I had information if you take a specific degree that the provinces needs for the labor market at the current time, you will get the PNP(Provincial Nominee Programs) more easier. Look in the provinces' website, such as … t-Graduate
My question is if anyone can answer this. Is the pathway through education have a chance to get the PR better? Is PNP and PR separated things?

Saint catharines ontario brock university if you need help contact me

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