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Hello everyone
My name is Lyndielou, from Suffolk in England.
I have just bought a small house in Manastirtsa, and I am hoping  to make some friends there.
I would be most grateful if the paying of tax and utilities could be fully explained to me

Hello Lyndielou,

Paying taxes and utilities is nothing complicated.

Property tax is paid to the municipality. Once you have bought the house, you can check the tax for it at the local municipality or ask for information by a letter. I can check my tax online, but not sure if it works for foreigners, cos it is based on my ID number (EGN).

Utilities normally include:

1. Water - there you get an account number from the water supply company, and with it you can check your bills and pay online;
2. Electricity - pretty much the same

Actually your account numbers are printed on the paper invoices that the companies send to your mailbox.

3. Garbage tax is a bit different, cos it is calculated on the basis of your house  - sq. meters. It is also paid to the municipality and you can do it together with the property tax - it is once a year. At the municipality website you can check the bank account of the municipality and pay directly there.
In your case, if not living there, you can apply for decreased garbage tax or no garbage tax.

Internet and phone bills are paid to the respective provider.

Thanks Kristian
That's a great help.

i have a house there

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