AIA Insurance requirement for employement visa

I have been recently offered a job of 8000 RMY in a company in cyberjawa (dont knw its scam or real) but the company officials are asking for AIA insurance before processing a visa and for that they are asking me a cost of around 1200USD.

So, could anyone of you confirm, if AIA insurance compulsory to process the visa work??? or anyone of you has experienced such thing?


It's a scam.

No insurance is needed to process a work permit. It sounds like the usual scam to ask for money. No reputable employer ever asks for any money of any kind to make an application to immigration.

The only insurance is provided by the employer, because employment law says they must give a medical card. This is arranged once the recruitment is completed and after arrival in Malaysia. Some types of work permit require a medical before and after arrival. There is no need to pay anything for this insurance in advance.

thanks Gravitas for the confirmation.

I spoke to the personnel there and they said it is compulsory and 70% of it will be refunded once you shall arrive here in malaysia.

Currently i am in Saudia and have no idea about employability terms and conditions in Malaysia. ut the amount they asked me for insurance made me think if the job actually is real or not

If you want to read about immigration processes, here is a link to a useful guidebook which also has checklists of the documents, etc. required. … r-2017.pdf  If you know what to expect, then you can also spot anything fishy. 

Both the employer has to get permission to create a post for a foreigner to fill, and the prospective employee has to be approved as having the correct qualifications and experience to carry out the work.

There are only a few professional areas that hire foreigners, mainly in the IT sector. Cyberjaya is an IT hub.

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