Kenmore stove repair tech needed

I asked this question a few days ago. Electronic ignition on my stove won't stop clicking on all burners. All oven functions are electronic so I can't use it at all. have to keep stove unplugged. I use BBQ lighter for top burners no problem. I want & need my oven & broiler to function.  Does anyone know of a dealer or tech that can help?  Sosua ? Cabarete area?  So called electricians  just shake their heads & say "no se", I don't know. Please help me. Thank you for any info that can solve my problem. Bob K you , if anyone should know of someone. Thanks again, Tamas

Hi Tamas,

I'm not an appliance repair guy, but below are some links after a google search to what "may" solve your problem. Only did this because I haven't seen any stove experts reply to your original post. … 493?page=3 … e-ignitor/

Hope you find something here that helps.


Many thanks for your concern & help. Will let you know of the results.

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