Travelling Nha Trang

Dear all,

I'm new in Town from 13th to 15th this week. Hope to catch some friends there so we can do outdoor activities together. I love to try diving and riding motorbike, don't know how to describe, the motorbike on the beach, not on the street. And others....

Hope some people are interested and travelling alone at that time so can join me.

Await positive feedback,

Warm hugs,

Driving your motorbike on the beach may be OK on truly deserted beaches but it is rather tacky where there are people on the beach.  Vendors at Vung Tau often ride on the beach and I for one find it undesirable.  Use your discretion.

You may be thinking of Quad bikes that can handle sand.,,,and I haven’t seen any of those around here.    Maybe down at Cam Ranh about 30k south of Nha Trang would be suitable, but I’m not aware of anyone that’s tried it.

If your thinking normal motorbikes on the beach in Nha Trang town , ,,doesn’t happen .

Google tourist agencies to see if anyone offers the quad bikes...but you’d be a passenger on one of those I’d say.    I did hear of someone trying to start quad bikes up down at Mui Ne in the sand hills, but don’t know if it ever started.

And be careful...just because they’ve got 4 wheels doesn’t mean they won’t roll over.......they do & surprisingly often.

Thank for advise. Any advise for diving there? :-)

i was in Nha Trang n Mui Ne in August. i saw Quad bike in Mui Ne, but not in Nha Trang.
about diving: there is service in some small island there. to get there you have to book a tour or book a speed boot dor ur own. but be carefully, i booked a speed boot for our family, for the price 1,2million VND, they should us to 4 islands around, and one of them s the most beautiful island dor diving. i told them that they just habe to bring us to 2 island, this beautifull island for diving and an other small island with the full price 1,2 Millionen VND. they agreed. but after that they brought us to 2 small islands, which are not so far from main land, NOT to the island we agreed. then they told that there r military exercice at the island, so we couldnt get there. later we asked a taxi driver. he told that there was no military activities there. they didnt drive you there becaus this Island s litte far from the main land.
so be careful when you book a speed boot to get there. u should clear every thing before you get on to the boot.
good luck n hav fun there ✌🏼️

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