housing for americorps members helping with hurricane maria relief


My name is Nick Maya and I work for AmeriCorps St. Louis.  I am currently living in San Juan helping with AmeriCorps' Hurricane Maria relief/clean up mission.  At the top of next year we will be bringing up to 75 more members down to Puerto Rico to help with the relief/cleanup efforts.  I was wondering if anyone could recommend cheap or free housing for a large group of people, and or be willing to offer up space in your homes for AmeriCorps volunteers depending on the municipality.  The 75 AmeriCorps members will be broken up into teams so all 75 will not need to be housed together.   Thanks in advance for your help!

Nick Maya

I know you are looking for free but as electricity starts reaches ng more areas more airbnb places will open up. A 3 bedroom 2 bath house can house 3 to 6 of you for 140-160 a night for all of you and with a full kitchen so you all can cook and save money.

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