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Hello everyone,

Wishing to settle permanently in Malaysia with my family, I make a first visit of recognition to KL from 24/01/2018 to 21/02/2018.
Can one of you please give me some suggestions regarding my accommodation on site?
Wishing to limit the cost of my accommodation to a maximum, I am willing to live together or rent an apartment.
Having no means of transport on site, I also want my accommodation to be accessible to transport facilities allowing me to quickly get to the city center or airport or train station.

Thank you for your help

Laurent :)

Are u still looking for accommodation? If yes can u please tell me ur budgets and location needed. thanks

Hi Leolille,

i invite you to have a look at our articles in the guide here :

Accommodation in Malaysia

Hope this helps,

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Flat shares can be found on or or airbnb and best locations are close to one of the LRT or MRT train lines.

Check if your business idea is possible for foreigners … -malaysia/ and … permitted/  The paid up capital requirements are also high.

If you do sign a lease for one year, you are legally committed to pay the rent for the complete period agreed, even if you can't stay in the country because of immigration issues.

So do be careful about signing long term leases. If your immigration status is uncertain, make sure there is a special clause in the Lease Agreement that allows the contract to be broken.

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