I won my case but its so hard to get out

Hi my name is Robbi, I'm Indonesian.
I have a situation and hopefully any one who read this can help me.
I have spent one year in court of Labour processing my suit against my sponsor. I have won both first and highest court of Labour. The court of Labour in madinah Saudi has given me the right to go back home to Indonesia with all the expenses bare by my sponsor that include some amount of little money and final exit. Actually I just wanna go home , I can pay my own ticket and I don't need his money. It's already 2 months since the verdict yet either my sponsor or the Labour office did not give any action. Even my own embassy reluctantly get their hands on my situations. Any one can suggest me what can I do to get free of this hell situation. I don't know how much longer I can endure this situation.

I would normally suggest a trip to the local Indonesian embassy but I understand there was a ban on Indonesian workers going to Saudi so, if that's still in force, you might have issues when you return to Indonesia if such a ban applies in your case.

Thanks for the positive reply


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