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Hello all
Is there any internet site where I can find Cambodia ads out of khmer24?
I want to find some kitchen equiments prices new or second hand. Thanks.


Bit funny question as you mention where you want to find the ads..... then go there.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

I need a Combodian site like khmer24
I want to see prices for different things in Cambodia like kitchen equipments for restaurant, rental prices of houses and shops etc.

Google is your friend, search for business directory Cambodia or the like.


I ve already tried, it is not first day on the internet of me but all i found was khmer24 i am asking for others.

You will have to do your best a little more, there is no Ali Baba or Amazon in Cambodia, so search for each product group separately.

I did a quick search on kitchen equipment and not only found three suppliers, but also the Cambodia Restaurant Association, there you will find your answers.
Here the link:

Good luck.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

Thank you very much.

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