How can an American find his Divorce Record In Vietnam


7 months ago, my wife said that she will file for divorce in Vietnam. The reason she wanted to file for divorce because she want to have permission to file document here in the USA to get her 10 years green card. Because of some heated arguments I had with her, she has stop communicating with me ever since. I do not know where she is and I am not able to get her to communicate with me.
I am an American citizen. If my wife actually did file for divorce in Vietnam, I want to get the official record of the divorce that was filed. Do you know if she could file the divorce and the court would approve the divorce filing if my signature was not on the divorce documents that she filed? She did write me a separation notice via Facebook message. Could someone please explain to me how I can find the official record of the divorce that she filed in Vietnam?

i can not understand exactly your circumstances . did you have signature in divorce document with her   ?

Will being divorced after a certain period allow your wife to apply for immigration to the US without your sponsorship?  I thought you had to be dead, although that may be what she truly wishes.  :mad: 

If what you need is a divorce document for your own purposes, even if she has divorced you in Vietnam and you live in a no-fault divorce state, you can simply divorce her where you live based on time of separation.

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