Jobs for foreigners in KL

Hi all. My name is Jasmine. My husband and I are looking for jobs in KL. I am an English teacher and he is a Civil Engineer. Would anyone be able to direct us to job websites or recruitment agencies. Thanks

Jobstreet is the main online portal and also for engineering Robert Walters and Spring Asia. If you are an educator then Times Educational Supplement online job portal

Thanks very much. I have tried Robert Walters with no success but I will definitely look into the others.

Create your account and post your resume and apply for job, if its best fit current opening then you will be contacted.

here is the list of job portal

Also try connecting with people via linkedin now instead of job portal social media hiring is more booming seems.

Best of Luck

I would just say that experience has shown that a proactive approach to job vacancies by making an application is the best process for online portals, as recruiters rarely check the passive CVs and profiles already in the systems.

Thank you very much for the assistance

Hi jasmine

I am also civil engineer from india.
I got job offer before 2 months from malaysia local company.
I can suggest you the websites are
* jobmas
* job street
* job store

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