Work permit processing time for Indian nationals?

From the ESD Guide:

The company is required to apply for a projection on expatriates it plans to hire for the current year. The projection is based on the number of expatriates it has identified, including existing expatriates for renewals and also new hires. If the numbers under the projection requested for the year has been fully utilised, the company may then request for new projection with the appropriate justification. The charter time for a decision on the projection request is 5 working days.

If the position applied for is currently not in the system, the company will need to submit a position request. The charter time for adding a new position is 5 working days.

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Gravitas just for information.

Still i didn't get medical, Company didnt ask me to take mediacal. Once the company get projection on expatriate approval they will proceed for final approval to immigiration. That means i dont want to take medical in india? Or still they will ask to take medical in india?

As you know already my EP is catogery II.

Mohideen - IF a medical is required, it would be done partially in India and finalised after arrival.

Immigration will guide the process once the application is submitted to them. There are lots of FOMEMA medical centres available in all countries.

The ONLY reason a medical MIGHT be required is due to the work being in the construction sector.

Gravitas, quick question. I cant figure out the taxation in Malaysia. If I got 150k per year, how much taxes I need to pay after the 6th month? I see a lot of conflicting info online and 24% for example seems huge...Am I missing something?

Yes, it's a progressive rate. So lower salary components pay very low tax and then as the salary builds up in value, the higher amounts are taxed at higher rates.

Take a look at Page 7 of this brochure. … ooklet.pdf

There is a RM9,000 tax free personal allowance so you would be due to pay tax on 141k per annum.

From the table on Page 7 - you will pay RM10.900 on the first 100k and the RM41k at 24%.  Total it up and then divide by 12 to get the monthly tax deduction.


I came up with update,

Today i received email from company that esd projection for 2018 got approved and my application submitted for final approval. I checked my status through ESD portal it update now and showing documents submitted for verification.

lets hope everything will come good.


Now my status is showing 'RETURN TO COMPANY'

just today they submit and got return.

Still company didn't email abou this.

Immigiration return my application same day its submitted. It means is there any big issues?

It usually means the paperwork is still incomplete and the company have more to sort out.


It returned bcz of my photo in bigger size than their requiremnts. I resent again with same as requirement. Company already sent to immigiration also. Now my status again change to submitted for document verification.


Now my status in ESD portal showing as 'Decision stage'

Hi Gravitas,

Today I received my Visa approval letter with VDR
Company submit my application last thursday afternoon and git approval yesterday (Tuesday) 4 working days. Now I will arrange documents to get SEV in Malaysian consulate in chennai.
I will update you once I going to submit.

     Thank god, Thank you and all my well wisher.

Hi gravitas,

For update, I got my SEV on my passport on 27th off march. I submitted on 22nd march process is four working days. I will travel on april 6 and will reach kualalumpur on same day.

Hi All. Good news from my side. My EP application was approved. Now I need to apply for "Reference Visa" in the nearest embassy to me(which is Romania). How long will take for the Reference visa to be prepared(cost)? Thanks :) I should be in KL beg of May :)

Congratulation first. It will take me 4 working days in india.

Hey Mohideen. I suspect the same here in Europe :). I am so happy :)

All the best bro.

Hi Mohideen,

I have been offered a Job in Malaysia. Could you please tell me where can I check my Immigration Approval Status. My employer has sent me an acknowledgement receipt.
I'd like to know, how can I check my approval status.

my immigration also cleard by my company, then how many days later ready my visa to departure  ?

Probably minimum 10-15 working days. Extra time to apply and receive single entrtvisa (VDR)) to enter for work purposes

Hello, do you know whether I start working while waiting for stage 2 if I have a SE Visa or I must wait till stage 2 is completed? TIA.

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