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hi guys

my name is Neel vasani and planning to move to png for work as got a good job offer just need to ask whether is it safe to stay there as an india second m a vegetarean so hope i get there food and is there any clubing and all in png as have heard its not safe to go png as it is has most crime rate plz suggest

company is providing stay food car gas driver verything so should i take an offer

Hi Neel,

My wife and I live in Port Moresby and have been here twice for about 2 years total.  We love it here.  PNG has its issues for sure.  However, if you pay attention to your friends and locals, go only in safe places (there are a number of them) and stay alert, you shouldn't have problems.  Since your company is providing transportation,, your driver will be familiar with specifics of the area you  are in.  After a couple of months you will relax and settle in and probably enjoy it a lot  Generally the people are very friendly, even though there is a criminal element to be aware of.  All in all, if the job is good and we are getting better pay then your home country it is probably well worth your while to try it out.

Thanks for the replay and seems it will be helpfull to me

Hello Neel having such and offer to a country filled with more than 800 plus language(unique to the world), and some of the multi cultural lifestyle and many other lovely memories which you will cherish your whole life is and will be just so amazing and yes you have the greatest opportunity to experience more than what I said and others may say later and what you know. PNG is not as bad as you thought and what you read online is not really all about PNG. Trust me many tourist when first visit PNG leave the country with these exact words, "What we read about PNG online is different from what we've experience, not everything online is true regarding the rumors.

I will however best suggest you do other more research with other expats here to see through them what is PNG. Perhaps best with some Indian community here.

With festive greetings and best wishes to your decision.

Have a successful and safe 2018.


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