How to get a job in London from Malaysia

Hi i have obtained tier 2 visa to work in UK till december 2019 (2 years)

However unfortunately i cant get a job.Currently im in malaysia n i hv bachelors in law and i hv exprience being a Legal Executive,paralegal and a lecturer.

How can i get job from Malaysia to UK?

Pls advise

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You would be best asking the question in the England Forum for a better response.

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Please note that your thread is now on the London forum.  Feel free to have a look at the articles from the Living in England guide to gather more information:
- The labour market in the United Kingdom
- Work in London

These tips may help you as well :
- How to prepare for a UK job interview

Here's an interesting article : … uk-2064199

You can also post your cv under the Jobs in London section of the website and make sure to provide as much details as possible regarding your skills and experience.

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Hi, Congratulation and welcome in UK ! The first thing u can do searching job by online and register like CV library,, and so many other website.

Or , if u  unmarried and want to marry some one in UK than it will help u.............

Have a successful life...................

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