Best cinema??

Hey guys and gals? Just arrived in Kuwait (eventually) a few days ago. Where is the best cinema to go to? Big screens and comfortable seats! Thanks in advance.


Best cinema is Cinemagics rooftop screenings in Salmiya. But I'd say it is not what you are looking for. Check Grand Cinemas in Alhamra tower or Cinescape in 360 Mall, they probably offer what you are after.

      How are u ?. Congrats on ur relocation. I am a canadian who is  in the same pipeline as u were. I have just signed the on the spot offer and an waiting for the full contract. Any idea on how long it may take to get the full contract after interview? Also I would greatly appreciate if you could please share your timeline.

Cheers man. Yeah looking for something large'esk' but the roof top cinema sounds cool. Not something I'd have imagined but definitely worth a visit by the sounds of it.

Hey Demister,

Yeah the entire process can be quite a dragged out affair. I will PM you tomorrow and go through it all.

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