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I just rented a nice finca in valencia for a b&b project is there anyone able to send me a doc or a link for the health and safety, rooms and facility requirements ?

As for bkfast do we need to apply for food manipulation certificate as well ? Do we need a restaurant license or any simplier “snack” one ? Anyone with the kitchen requirement ?

I already have a snack bar in another country so i know the basics but i need a detail list for spain...

As for restaurant i understand u need like in other country different colors chopping boards, separate fridges for raw and cooked but the exact list is a must as i will start renovation soon, im as well in the requirement interested in materials ( tiles or germ free paint for walls et ...)

Can we apply for opening licence before doing the work or it doesnt make sense ?

Thanks for your help


Welcome to the Forum Selassie75 :)

Food Hygiene is pretty much standard across all EU member states and requires you to have the correct certificate relating to food handling and preparation. Saying that each country also has their own rules.

I am not sure if a certificate from one country will be valid in another?

But you can google the following "Health & Saftey in work", Food Hygiene" (Spain) and it will give you what you need. I did have a quick look and the information is available in English. Also courses, in order to obtain the right certificates, are also available in English.

I hope this is of some use to you.

Good luck on your new venture.  :one

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Thanks simcityAT very usefull, pass the blanck test 12/15...

It will all depend on what region you are in as all have different regulations. They have been cracking down lately on unlicensed holiday rentals and the need for them to meet the requirements. I guess first off if you are renting the property then you will need the owners permission but my first stop would be your local Town Hall who should know more.

Hi jb80, as i said in my message im in valencia. Of course i have permission from the landlord and my lease clearly specify that im renting the house with the purpose of opening a casa rural or a hotel.
Municipality will be my first stop but as i will be there only after 20 of january im trying to prepare as much as i can in advance, the small town is quite touristic but very little infrastucture i hope they will proceed quickly with the admin files for the opening license.

Thanks for your help.


I really do not know how you are going to get permission as it is the property owner who neds to apply for the permissions and licence. To obtain the latter you will need to have hold of the documents for the property. Only the landlord or the bank will have that.
This brings up another question: If they have a mortgage do they have  what does the bank say about giving permission for this business?
Any how here are a few links to help you along the way. … ia-region/ … ia-region/

Edit to add information about food.
What you are looking for is "certificado de manipulación de alimentos" … alimentos/ … 872789.htm … -valencia/
Maybe ask if your original one is valid when going to Valencia tourist office to register the business.
You will also have to abide by the Spanish laws for Información Alimentaria (Alérgenos) and EU law 1169/2011. There information can be found in Eglish on either the Irish or Uk government's website. Obviously all information here is in Spanish or one of the local languages. … -cuestion/

I have given the links for information and I have never used either of these services. You should find a solicitor/gestor who you are happy to work with to help you through the paperwork nightmare that defines Spain.

Thanks a lot for your post, my landlord owns the house with no mortgage and shes really helpfull and support the project she will probably assist in handing any documents i may need, but even if she has to apply for the license regarding the property the business license should be under my name right ? Like in greece i applied to have commercial usage of the poperty at land dpt on the name of my landlord but operating the bar licence was under my name, is there something im missing with spain ?

My greek food handling license will never work its a real joke there is no test u just need to go and listen in grek 2 hours training, they dont care if you dont understand and stamp your book, u also need medical exams in greece like xray blood an stool test, spain as well ?

As gestor i was thinking of asking mayor if he has a cousin doing accountancy :)


Technical about whose name is where on the documents should be addressed by the authorities who issue the permissions/licences.
I ha sat a examination for a certificado de manipulación de alimentos, but seeing as it is European  directive one can only hope it is the same in ever country. But then I do live in hope! :unsure

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