Marriage in the Netherlands.


I am Mexican living in Mexico, my bf is Dutch living in NL. We have been in a long distance relationship for more than 5 years and lived with each other within that period for about 1.5 years, both in Mexico and NL, for studies and travel. We want to live together but it seems so complicated. My boyfriend is  studying so he doesn't meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor a residence permit for me as his partner.

Would it be any different if we married? In other words, would marrying in the Netherlands allow us to live together? Or would we also have to apply for a residence permit for me and meet the income requirement after our marriage,  or is a residence permit for the spouse granted automatically upon marriage without having to fulfill the sufficient income requirement?

Thanks! I'd appreciate your feedback.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The requirement to earn over 1,600 euro is still a requirement for the marriage visa.

The full process is explained on the IND website; this link will take you there; at the bottom is a step by step guide on the process.

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Hi Cynic. Thank you for the link. Does this mean that even after marrying in NL a permit to stay together isn't granted and we would be forced separate if my then spouse didn't meet the income requirement?

Hi (again); I just answered the PM you sent me. :)

Thanks! Yep.

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