Is VRBO a reliable site to book condo rentals?

Hello: my partner and I are coming to the DR in February to start scouting out rental properties (and for some sand and sun).  Has anyone had experience booking through  We would like something n the Cabarete/Sosua area.

I have used VRBO and have a VRBO property in the DR they are are owned by home away one of the biggest property rental companies.

Hi dinosinc:
Thanks for responding. Do you have a property in the Cabarete/Sosua area? If so, we are looking for something for February 8th - 18th, 2018. We would like a 2bdr with a balcony or terrace.

I send you PM

We too had a condo on VRBO and found them for the most part to be up and up. You will always find someone who does not deliver what they promise but VRBO and parent company Homeaway are very good at controlling that.
We never had a problem with them or the folks that rented trough them

Bob K

Sounds like the place I need to check with of my wedding guest in August.....I checked the hotel recommended and it looks good to...but condos can accommodate couples.....cheers

Good luck in the search

Bob K

Thanks Bob, I appreciate you sharing your experience. I actually tried to book on that was listed as $150.00. I assumed that was US dollars, but when I got to the payment gate it flipped to euros which is a lot more money. I was very surprised by this. Unfortunately it put the condo out of our price range, so back to the searching.

Somewhere in the ad is should list currency
Bob K

I was scammed for $500 by an owner on VRBO. I will never use them  again. I do trust and use airbnb as they have a policy to not transfer the rent money to the owner until 24 hours after the check in time.

First Silvercurls welcome to the forum
Sorry to hear you were scammed.  Where was this and what kind of unit was it?
We used VRBO for many years to rent our beachside condo and never had a problem.
Bob K

Bob it was a condo in Mexico which I gave four months notice cancellation.  The sad part was the owner lived in B.C Canada.  From what I can remember he was not originally from Canada. The unit actually cost $800 but a friend who referred VBRO to me felt so bad she emailed this man and  begged him to return my money.  He only agreed to refund $300.  VBRO is very dependent on the integrity of the renter not the site owner. That is why I used airbnb as the money is controlled by the site owners.  Much safer because you cannot know if the renters are honest or not.  I understand that many people have had good experience with VBRO because they have dealt with people who are honest and have integrity.  I was unfortunate and picked the wrong person to deal with.

For those of you who have lived in DR for awhile, do you know if there is any discussion of restrictions to having Airbnb in the future? In some parts of Canada there are attempts to curtail Airbnb as there’s a shortage of long term rentals for locals who live & work in larger,popular cities.

Silver curls this is not Mexico but I guess there are scam artists everywhere. 

Bob K

Health2018 there is really very little government control over rentals and such.  I have heard of nothing regarding Airbnb being restricted.

Bob K

We've rented with VRBO/HomeAway in North America and Caribbean many issues. I find that if you have a positive email exchange with owner/manager upfront you get a good sense about the legitimacy. Don't hear back about your questions for a more your gut.

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