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Dear all,
I’m kristy from Hong Kong. I plan to study a 12-months Thai language course in Bangkok next year. The consultant from the school told me that I have to extend my ed visa every 60 days, but I checked from the internet that it can be extend every 90 days. Can anyone know which one is correct?
Also, I’m not quite sure about the extension of the visa fee. I have to pay $1900 baht for the extension each time? Or $1900 baht + $2000 baht (ed visa fee) each time?

Thanks for your help!!


Hello Kristy, you should check at the Ambassy or consulat, they have the "right" information.....I had the same probleme as I'm planning to go in Bangkok for several month from French luck. Henri

Kristy, what does "I checked from the internet" mean? :) There's plenty of wrong information out there.
Since you are getting your visa from the Thai consulate or embassy, they would be the best source of information. The consultant from the school may be right, but if they are a Thai citizen, they could have zero experience in this.
Chok dee! Good luck!

Dear all,
Thanks for your reply. The consultant from school may be right, but I checked the Thai immigration website, embassy website and website from other language schools, I can’t find the information about ‘extend every 60 days for ED visa’, I can only find the information about 90 days for non immigration visa. So, I don’t know which one is correct. I tried to email to the embassy to find the answer, but no one reply for 3 days...

Go to the Thai Embassy in HK is so much easier to get all the answers

The embassy is just a short walk from the MTR station. Sorry I forgot which one as it was years ago that I went there. I'm sure you know the phone number to call for directory assistance in HK

It's always best to seek clear rules and laws direct from the source instead of web sites. You never go wrong by talking and meeting the correct people at embassy.

Forget about Thai immigration or any Thai government office as they will not reply or should I say never reply. Even the hotel association or SME Association will never reply too.

Another way is search the internet for HK Thai chamber of commerce in bangkok contact information and write to them and they can give you directions.

Hi rejoice,
I remember you, you relied my post before! :) you seem familiar with Hong Kong. Yes, the embassy is near the MTR station Central. I also sent email to the embassy from Hk about the Ed visa, but pending for their reply, may call them next week. You are very helpful!! If I move to Bangkok next year, I will have much more to know, like opening a bank account, mobile phone, moving stuff to bkk, finding job.....


Hi Kristy,

I know HK not that well but been there few times. I do have some friends in HK but 1 of them is a Malaysian.

You are welcome to ask me and I will try to guide you about banking, mobile phone, apartments, foreign social clubs, chamber of commerce etc

Contact me via pm

Oh HK trade office is here. Needless to say CX has an office here too.

If we do meet in BKK, you can speak Cantonese to me. As you will learn Thai, you can speak to me in Thai too.

I have my business here and travel in Asia Pacific countries frequently before. Thus I know certain laws of the countries and speaks 7 languages.

Have a nice weekend

Hi Kristy,

You can apply non-immigrant (ED) visa ; 80 USD / 90 days, then extend 1,900 THB / 1 year.

If you want to travel outside Thailand, you need re-entry permit; 1,000 THB/ one time or 3,800 THB/multiple.

Hope this help.

Dear Theera,
Thank you for your reply. As I know, for extend the visa is Thb$1900 for 60 days only, not 1 year. Do you mean the extension can be repeated up to 1 year?

Kristy, Extension can be one year (include first 90 days from ED visa) depends on your  curriculum (language course/degree), school (public/private). Many international students study in universities here.

Dear Therra,
Oh I see. The school I’m looking at is a language school, so have to extend the ed visa every 60/90 days. Thank you for your information!

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