Hi! I just applied for the Mvv, almost one month ago, and I would like to hear from you how long it took for you to get the approval or refuse (if you got this, why was the reason?) and if you are still waiting for it as I am, would be nice to hear your stories. Thanks!

For me I just got my results so I wouldnt just yet as we will apply by the end on this month, but according to my understanding this process may take up to 3 months maximum.. so good luck in advance

MVV application may take up to 90 days. It took almost 90 days for me to get the approval from IND. Wether it is an approval or a refusal from the IND it can take up to 90 days.

Some of the reasons for refusal can be a lacking document, unlegalised document, insufficient income for the sponsor (based on IND criteria).

The results vary on each person, no application is the same.

Good luck.

We applied on 20 November 2017 and we are still waiting for a response. We call regularly (which is not very helpful as they don't provide much info) The process is very long and quite frustrating as we started in July 2017 to book for the exam, only got a date in September 2017 to write, results took 6 weeks and then we applied. - so it's been about 7 months since we started the process


I just recieved my MVV Approval, we applied on 14 December and processing time was 54 days (7 weeks & 5 days).

Documents required:-

1) A copy of IND Approval.
2) The completed and signed 'Application form for mvv' (tedownload via the website
3) His/Her national passport.
4) A new passport photo that has not been used before (see the explanation below);
5) A copy of (your photo and personal details of) your passport;
6) The DUO mail showing that he has passed the basic exam integration abroad;
7) The original marriage certificate. (Legalized By Dutch Embassy if married Outside).

Good Luck Everyone

I got my mvv 2 weeks before the 90 day deadline 😊

Which team? Den Bosch or Zwolle?

I got mine after 1 month (or maybe 3 weeks). Everything went super fast  for us, no idea why. Sorry to hear isn't like that for everyone, I actually thought it was that fast for everyone  :|

Best of luck! Hope you get it soon!

Hello guys! We received a yes yesterday. Our application took only 18 days from Den Haag Team 3. Veel succes to everyone.☺️

I have an appointment for Den Haag on 31st,what documents did you submit to them?

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