Applying Spass while I have refused to entry SG before.


I have this issue about ICA Last Aug. 6,2017 i was refused to entry SG for Immigration reason. So I go back philippines, Then last month nov 1,2017 my former employer send me a letter that they want to hire me again,so i told them i still have this issue on ICA but then  they told me we will apply my work pass first before they will go to ICA. What do think? That is the right thing or i must clear my name first before they will apply Spass for me?plsss help me i am very confused. thankk

Why did ICA ban you to enter Singapore? What was the reason? Yes, you need to clear your case with ICA or else there is a possibility that MoM too won’t approve your pass. Good luck

They just issued me an Resusal for entry,maybe bacause i keep coming back Singapore. They say its not a serious matters,i just need to fill up the form for reentry to singapore,but the HR told me that i need to get MOM approval firts then they will send to ICA together the form i filled up.

Once your application registered in MoM system, system will auto generate a FIN (an identification number) for your application and record which can be used as your pass number, if your application approved.

So, ask HR to give that FIN number in order for you to check in MoM website.
In general, pass approval may take a week to 3 months or so, MoM review each application with merits. So, difficult to tell whether 3 weeks is sufficient time or 2 months to see the outcome of your application.

You may contact ICA and submit the form accordingly as they advise. It’s always better to close your record in ICA before applying pass but if your employer has already applied then no worries you still can reach out ICA to submit the form asap. If you are here then visit their office and seek their advise on how to clear this issue. Good luck

I recommend you to have courage and confidence, and go enter Singapore, again.

The IPA from the company is with you, already?

You can ask employers to process ASAP with MOM, with their superior recommendation about your performance, for your MOM SPass or Employment Pass may be re-issued positively, and as defended, and applied for accordingly by the company-superiors, who are hiring you.

Try again, or else, you will never know.

Just be headstrong, as it is part of protocol of Immigrations of any country to be strict about entries to their land. Remian objective and do not get disheartened. It is the regulation of a country, nothing personal, really.

If you have clean records, state and intentions, you will get through. By fate and full FAITH.

Best regards,

hello thanks for the reply Jc really appreciate it. God bless.

I have a friend who has the same situation, may I know if you already passed and entered Singapore after you got the refusal of entry?

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