200,000 Puerto Ricans have arrived in Florida since Hurricane Maria

/ Nov.30.2017 /

MIAMI – The exodus of Puerto Ricans to Florida following Hurricane Maria has reached a whopping 200,000 in just over two months, obliterating initial conservative estimates that had put the number at 100,000.

The scale of migration is larger than any other in Puerto Ricans history. “Puerto Rico will be seen by historians as before and after Maria,” said Luis Martinez Fernandez, a History professor at the University of Central Florida, calling it “a watershed moment.”

Since the initial aftermath of the hurricane, Fernandez has predicted a total of 500,000 to 750,000 Puerto Ricans would leave the island in a four-year period.

“As it turns out, 500,000 is now the low-end estimate for a five year period. It appears that it will be closer to 750,000,” according to Fernandez.

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Out of the 750,000, those over 18 will be eligible to vote, with most of them eligible by the next general election.

And Puerto Ricans have long memories.

I know this forum is not for politics, but I hope all 200,000 register to vote and help elect people who are willing to help PR get back on it's feet.

Numbers fluctuate all over the place. Numbers like those about 200,000 to florida are not always clear how the number was derived and if it is for the year or since Maria. While large, it has different cognotations. Numbers like that 200k makes me wonder what other numbers are there for the other states. As to voting, you have the numbers from the current diaspora added to the newly arrived and the numbers are very significant

I was reading also an article that said that around 45% of millenias are socialist. If true it may end up affecting the two party system.

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