Internet broadband provider


I am currently considering a move to Riyadh.

Amongst many considerations during my budgeting process, i have one which entails the choosing of a telecommunications provider for high-speed broadband internet.

I've seen packages from Go Etihadh Atheeb Telecom who are offering Fibreoptic for 1800 for 14 months?. Is it of any good speed? Or should i opt for one of STC/Zain/Mobily?
Bear in mind that Fibreoptic isn't a necessity, only necessity is the availability of unlimited downloads which can be used to stream Netflix/Amazon Prime etc...


350 GB
300 SR

Valid for 3 Months    Send 2706 to 900


i would recommend you Zain Postpaid Sim 149 Sr monthly bill (unlimited) and work very well , BTW you should check area coverage before you are going to buy it

Zain plan

1) 600GB for SR549 valid for 6 months
2) 300GB for SR299 valid for 3 months
3) Unlimited for SR150 per month

Get the Zain latest CAT6 4G router to have faster speed. If you need to bring it around with you then get a MiFi

Does the Zain unlimited one has some “fair use policy” clause or is it in actual unlimited downloads ???


Not sure about the fair usage policy for the unlimited plan but so far the internet speed is good, at least for my normal daily usage.

But if you want to make sure there is no speed limitation on FUP and 100GB per month is enough for you then go for the other two plans. Cheaper and no FUP.

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