Pay up or not? Internet/TV upgrade Saudi Arabia.

The internet comes as part of the package for the complex my husband lives in, but an upgrade to high speed has been suggested to him for 200 SAR a month.
The upgrade of TV is 800 SAR for 6 months.
This seems all rather expensive, but what control does he have over the providers that are available?
I have asked what the other company employees do about the suggested internet upgrade and TV upgrade - nothing. They just manage on what's there.  They think it's too expensive.
What do you think?

in my opinion only internet would be good because STC provide very limited channels with Internet connection with few channels. best way is take internet connection and if you still want to use tv buy iptv and you can use it (as compare to Satellite Channels), currently i'm using IPTV with came with 6336 international channels and very cheap price as compare to Satellite Receiver.

Will tell Husband of your advice.
Many thanks.

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