Starting a Business in India

Hello everyone,

I saw that there was a thread back in 2013 on this topic but since it's been awhile I was thinking to start a new one. I've lived and worked in India for 3 years and currently have a business Visa that's still valid.

I'd like to start a retail business with an Indian partner, but I'm not sure how to go about this. I heard that it's easier to start a business with an Indian citizen, but I also heard that no FDI.. ie foreign direct investment is allowed in retail in India.

However, I see Forever 21 stores and other foreign retail brands doing business in India. Thus, there must be a way around it. Does anyone have any good experience and knowledge of how to start up a business and get it registered and legitimate in India? I heard, that I should seek out a CA, but I'd like to ask here first. Thank you everyone!

- Noel

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