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Hi everyone,

I own a couple of apartments in Sousse, they both need internal work so i'm looking for tradesman who speak English (I don't speak French) that could do the work for me.

Can anyone help or make any recommendations?

Many thanks,


Glen what sort of work did you want doing I am English my boyfriends Tunisian and speaks French I'm coming out on 18 December so if you're there he will be with me and you can talk to him I hope I can be of some help to you and I hope you don't mind me sending you this message thank you Carol

Hi Glan he also speak s English lol,

Hi Carol,

Thank you for responding to my post.

The work to be done is all internal cosmetic work. What trade does your boyfriend do?

I won't be in Tunisia at that time but maybe we could make arrangements for the new year?

Best wishes,


Hi Glen he has done bits and pieces in building work so he just wanted to know what you want it done when I said I wasn't sure but I'm out there until 25 January so if you can let me know I will be in touch with him and hopefully we can get somewhere and help you have a lovely Christmas

Hi. Have you found a builder yet?

No not yet.

Call me .**** im in england but my fella is in tunisia. He may be able to help you

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Hi Glen,
I have an agreed specialized consulting office and this is my job. I mainly work with foreigners as my vast experience in project management was with international organizations. English speaking references are available under your request.
I am kindly inviting you to watch my CV as well as  a sample of my work through the following links:
If you are preliminarily interested, we can discuss the details later.
Kind Regerds

Hi Brahim,

Thank you for your message.

I would be interested making arrangements to meet, where are you based?

Best wishes,


Hi Glen
Thank you for your reply.
I am permanently based in Tunis and I work anywhere in Tunisia. My office is in Sidi Bouzid in the center of the country. I have a secretary there for the admin tasks.
I am pleased to invite you for a have coffee somewhere in Tunis/Ariana/Ben Arous and talk a bit so you get a better idea and we can evaluate the eventuality of work together.
Thanks again
Best regards

Hi Glen
Hope you are doing well.
Best Regards

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