Raising kids in Hong Kong

Hello everyone,

How is raising kids in Hong Kong different from raising kids in your home country?

What are the activities that your kids seem to enjoy the most in Hong Kong?

Do you feel that the country is "family-friendly"?

Do you recommend Hong Kong as a good place to raise kids? Why or why not?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Good morning, personally it really depends of what are your expectations

there is a some sort of 2 systems  one for international School but that s really for Expat  and as it is business oriented you have to pay those school a huge amount of Money  per year per kids ..

then you have local school more affordable, but they don't really teach how to think  more on memorizing stuffs , Hk is not the best place for Education definitely  but it is one of the safest .  kids are well protected.

i have 2 boys going to local school , as i am not Expat and can t afford those very expensive international school. the good part is they are speaking fluently cantonese now

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