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Anyone who knows how I can get a school librarian job here in Malaysia? Thank you for your help

Hello! I'm looking for the same. Even though my resume gets shortlisted, due to visa status they dnt hire me. Jobstreet is one reliable source for librarian jobs.

ohh ok, thank you

Did you find a job? I am also a librarian and looking for a job in Malaysia.

Impossible to get a  work permit basically. And only the very best international schools will have an expat librarian and often a trailing spouse job.

What can you suggest for us?

If you are not a Malaysian no real hope of getting a librarian job in Malaysia. Its not an in demand job anyway and def for locals.

It might help if you said why Malaysia and are you a trailing spouse?

Most trailing spouses do charity work.

Oh I see. I'm planning to move and look for a job there. But as you have said its not in demand in Malaysia maybe I will apply for another member in Southeast Asia.

I really doubt any SE country would give you a work permit! Libraries are hardly big in asia and librarian is a local job.

All countries protect their labour markets and only offer foreigner jobs where there is a shortage.

As I said 1st tier inteenational schools are the only places - maybe rarely a branch of a foreign uni - that have foreign librarians. Usually trailing spouses.

Thank you for the information.

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