Income requirement for Family immigration.

Hi Every one,
                       i have some doubt hope someone  here can clarify me. my wife and i are planing to apply for family immigration , we both have some issues regarding income, she has been on a course to be a kindergarten teacher the course lasted for two yrs and she took a loan for this entire period after she finished she has been given a place at a school  by the commune for practical for another two years with a contract and a salary of about 12.k each months for the two years add to that she is also on a study loan which gives her about 5.k a month making a total of 17 a month. the issue is this, on the U.D.I website it shows that work assessment allowances are not regarded as income for family immigration in her case is that a work assessment allowance?  Can her income form basis for family immigration ? she is a Norwegian citizen. also on my part am(applicant) have a study resident permit in Norway and having a legal part time job with an income of about 130.000NK before tax will my income be included in the entire process ?
  in advance thanks for you contribution

Hi Pappy,
Yes it can, if she is the reference person and your are the applicant, her salary is first considered, the 12 k + 5k . As you are wroking as well, you salry is also considered, so you add do calculation and i f i am not msitaken, the total of your both salary for a year goes beyond 256 256 kr, which is the current requirement. :)

My case is more challenging as I have to find a job within a week to support the enire family, But i wish you all the best, you can make it.


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