Written declaration by your employer in Germany

I am planning to move to Germany from India and I have got a job offer. So, if I understood the process correctly, now I am supposed to apply for the EU Blue Card. So, while going through some forums and links I understand that my employer will need to provide a written declaration apart from the job contract but I am not too sure about the contents of this declaration and was wondering if there is any specific format for the same. I went through the below link but unfortunately this does not provide much information.
http://www.eu-bluecard.com/how-to-apply … __employer

So, anyone any idea about this declaration and if could help me with some sample document so that I may ask my employer as they are not too sure about this document?


The written declaration is a justification for hiring you (a non-EU-citizen). By regulation, any similarly skilled EU national must be hired first, so this will be used to check whether there are any of them and thus whether you can be hired or not.

Thanks Beppi for the reply.
I understand this but was just wondering that I could not find any specific format for the same. So, I guess any format would do explaining why a Non-EU citizen is hired over and above an EU citizen...
Let's see how the process goes!

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